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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ebay and The MC999

                Ebay, The Document Dump

    You have received the MC999 suspension notice and it basically says that this has happened to protect the eBay community. You are shocked by this and you immediately contact them requesting information on how to get back into good standing.

    They will suggest that you send them information to help them verify you and if you provide all the information required you may be reinstated.

    That is the big lie.

    You can provide all of the documentation that they have asked for. You could provide DNA samples and this will not help. The ebay suspension notice that you received was just a way of telling you to get lost.

    What about the appeals process?

    It is a joke. Perhaps at one time it mattered, but during the last two years or so this is just another way of telling you to get lost. I have tried to be nice with this blog about what is going on at Ebay, but enough is enough.

    If you are still working at Ebay, why.  If you actually depend upon Ebay to pay the bills what are you thinking?

    Picture a company that can change the locks and move location at a moments notice and that is where you are working.

    I started this blog with the intend to help you to move on and it is not getting through to many of you. You believe that you are married to Ebay and perhaps you are, but she does not love you anymore and the bigger truth is that she never did.

    If you want love and respect from a company you are going to have to build it yourself.

    But, I don’t want to build my own site. I want to work for someone else the rest of my life. I want to be terminated at a moments notice. I want to give a massive unfeeling corporation control over my existence.



    Are you that damn needy?

    If you have to earn a living at online marketplaces fine, but at least have the common sense to open up shop at a half dozen such marketplaces so that if one goes down then at least you will wake up the next morning with four or five other locations still featuring your items. If you decide to go stealth and get back on Ebay, back yourself up by franchising yourself.

    Ebid, Ubid, Amazon,Ecrater,, Ioffer, Etsy, Craigslist and many other sites are sitting out there waiting for you. Use them all and then if you have the time and are willing to put in the effort get your own website and push it. If you can’t afford a website they you can use your facebook to post some items.

    I would say good luck with getting back on Ebay, but that would be a lie. I do not believe that it is a good idea that any of us return to them.

    That is it for now, remember to stumble us on stumbleupon and to mention this site to a friend. If you want help with building your own site then

I have included a banner link below. Also a link to one of the sites that I mentioned. I believe that you can sign up at Ebid for free.

    Maybe the next post will be about those fees that Ebay charges. Man I really miss paying Ebay and Paypal a combined 10 plus percent on every sale.
eBid. Online Auctions with no listing fees


  1. You don't know me. I am not anyone notable. I have been absent from the world at large for years only having just begun to re-emerge after escaping an abusive relationship that continues to threaten to swallow me alive leaving no trace of my existence. I have no money, no list of distinguished accomplishments. My parents are deceased and having grown up in dysfunction, I have no other family, no relatives to whom I can turn to for help.
    Like most battered women, I have no friends -developing any type of friendship was prohibited by my abuser.
    After 2 hospitalizations and having nearly succeeded in ending my own life to escape the intolerable conditions in which I was intimidated and coerced to exist- I knew I had to escape which meant I had to have some means with which to support myself -
    Extricating oneself from domestic violence is near impossible without help -i am afraid to. Seek regular employment because my abuser. Is determined to destroy me because I left.
    I was able to escape by opening a clandestine eBay account and selling clothing and boxed family heirlooms on eBay... I left in March and have encountered numerous difficulties and sabotage by my former partner - by the grace of God, through eBay, I was able to break free from my abuser and manage to keep a roof over my head and get my basic needs met- and I do mean just barely!- but I am alive, I exist and I am visible again which is worth more than anyone apart from those who share my experience can ever imagine!
    Today, every hope I dared to have again, my ability to support myself and my freedom - actually my survival were all shattered today when eBay suspended my account because I couldn't always pay for items- which I regret and would gladly forfeit any privilege to buy on eBay if I could just keep my seller account which to me, quite literally is life or death.
    I have called repeatedly today- been told to stop crying and calm down as calls were lost during transfers, being left on 20 to 30 minute holds only to be told someone would call me back but I had to change my number last week due to harassment from my ex and no one seems to understand when I beg them to update my number so someone CAN call me back nor will anyone explain WHY they did this without telling me that this was about to happen- HOW did this come about? WHY no mention of this I spoke to them earlier this week I was led to believe everything was okay and I was not about to be suspended - and why they feel I had too many "not as described issues" when None have counted against me and there were 3 ever opened...but no one will speak to me and explain what happened or why I wasn't instructed that this was immenent- they restricted my buying privilege for 7 days , reinstated it yesterday and then suspended my account indefinitely today and tell me if I try to open another account they'll suspend it too...I am desperate for information- for an opportunity to right where I have erred and have more guidance - some concrete rules to follow and clear proscribed consequences not things that hit you out of the blue-
    I am so desperate, I am begging for your help- I know from reading your story that you are on a committee and clearly someone eBay values and is proud to be affilitated with- I have nowhere to turn and no place else to go. If I can't have my seller accoint restored right away- I will be homeless in 2 weeks - or forced to return to my ex where I cannot even fathom the punishing hell he will subject me to for having left- neither option is livable - that account is literally my life.
    I never have to be allowed to buy anything on eBay ever again- just someone please, anyone- help me at least have a chance to talk to someone or be granted only selling privileges - or some forgiveness - and FAST! I cannot make rent come January 1 without the account restored- not asking anyone for any money, any support other than to believe in me, honor the fact that while imperfect, I am doing my best to pull myself up and out of darkness ...

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