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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Paypay and Ebay Breaking Up

                Paypal and Ebay Breaking Up

                When I first heard that Paypal and its parent company Ebay was breaking up I laughed until I cried. The biggest hammer that Ebay has had over its sellers was the added impact that an Ebay suspension could led to a Paypal suspension and or an account freeze. This has happened to thousands of Ebay sellers and the result was to cripple their businesses. Many only sellers lost everything when this happened.

                The break up will in the short term mean next to nothing for those whom have had their businesses hurt of destroyed by this unholy alliance, but for those of us who have moved on to start our own online stores it is good news. Amazon is top dog amongst online retailers, but Ebay is still a huge monster that occupies second place.  As Ebay’s power and influence decreases this allows those of us who have set up shop on countless other websites and of course our own online stores to see a growth in our own businesses.

                There are rules that keep companies in most industries from forming monopolies to drive out and or control all other businesses smaller than them. When Ebay and Paypal began their rises they were not covered by anti-trust laws that would have kept them from doing all that they have gotten away with for the last ten years.  Without Paypal to lean on Ebay will begin to lose market share. This has happened during the last three or so years leading up to the moment when they parted company.

Now an independent Ebay is going to lose more and more of its share of the online marketplace due to the simple fact that it had created the virus that will attack it from all sides. The virus that will attack it are those tens of thousands of sellers that it suspended or restricted during the years. Those ebay suspensions were placed upon sellers who generated tens of thousands of dollars each month. Those former Ebay powersellers have two things in common. They learned how to sell a tremendous about of product online and they all have a burning hate for the company that left them out in the cold.  Soon Paypal will face the same issues as more and more avenues to collect payments open up online. eBid. Online Auctions with no listing fees

                Today I would like to suggest that instead of trying to get back on board a sinking ship you take a chance. Build your own ship. Build it as large as you want to and take command of it.  If you are under a suspension now is the time to move your business to the dozens of other online retailers options. Sell on all of them at once and connect all of this new activate to the personal webstore that you are going to learn to build.  For a quick tutorial on how to build a site click here.  

Good luck with recovering from your Ebay suspension and do not worry there are countless opportunities out there for you. The best days are ahead of you. You wanted to be an online seller not because you wanted to work for Ebay, but to be your own boss. When you were suspended or restricted did you feel like a boss or an employee? Today you can change that once and for all.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Ebay Suspended, Preparing for The Day

If I suggested to a young person that the day will come when they must leave home and move out on their own you would consider this sound advice. Why is it not when talking about ebay.  You sell on ebay. A large part of your online business, perhaps all of it comes from ebay or that other giant Amazon.

    I understand the relationship. I started there myself, but I moved on after I woke up one day to find my that account had been restricted. In that moment I realized that I did not work with Ebay, in their eyes I was working for Ebay.I started my own online business so that I could be my own boss. Perhaps many of you did the same. Today is another short a quick talk about the need to have options.  You will want to do this if for no other reason than to earn extra money until the day comes when you will need it as your primary source of income.

     First thing that you need to do is to go out and sign up at other online sites. It is like dating after a break up or in this case before one. There are over a dozen other sites online where you can import your feedback from ebay or amazon and start selling today.

    Next you want to begin to build your own website where you can direct your present customers to. You will do with every sale you make. You will include in every shipment a note to visit you at your website. You will offer a great discount for those who come there to purchase from you. Ten to twenty five percent off to capture this customer. Sounds a bit steep, but if you take into account the ebay fees that you will not be paying then you have ten percent right there. You will also develop a email list from those whom you have sold to in the past. It will not be easy, but who ever said that starting and growing a business was easy?
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Ebay sold you a dream. What they offered was not what they delivered, but what you did get was an education on ow to sell items online. Time to take that knowledge out into the world.

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Friday, November 22, 2013

Ebay Suspended, Getting Back To Business

Ebay Suspended, Getting Back To Business

If you are reading this then you have most likely been suspended by Ebay. If you are a few days into your suspension then I do not know if you are ready to hear any of what you are going to be told. If you are a month or more into what will most likely be a life time suspension then I think you are now ready to think about the future.
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 You had a business. You were making money and beginning to plan for the future then the suspension hit you and it was ten times worst than being fired, because usually when one is fired they feel that the axe is coming. Ebay does it like an assassin. You never know it is coming until you are face down in the dirt.

You can either lay there or you can get up and take the lessons that you learned along the way to your own website or other online marketplaces. If you want to know about many of the other online marketplaces you can read old post at this blog or you could purchase my book. The link is the picture along the side of the post.

Here is a former ebay seller who has some important information for you how ebay looks at its sellers.


 Next I would like to ask you once again to look into building your own website. There are hundreds of thousands of people who run their own websites for fun and profit. It is not that difficult. You can do it. You maybe thinking that you did not prepare for this and you do not even have a list of former customers to contact. Sure you do, if you still have a live paypal account. Every email of every one who purchased from you in the past is recorded there. Download a full copy of those emails and send each and every customer a message telling them about your new website and what you have to offer.

You can take paypal payments and or use a shopping cart service to process payments. This is something that you can learn how to do in an afternoon. The great thing about most shopping cart services is that over the long term they cost you less than paypal and your money is safer with them. Paypal can freeze your funds for up to 180 days, these services understand that your money is your money.


Remember that being suspended by ebay or restricted by ebay does not have to be a death sentence unless you allow it to be. A ebay suspension can be the greatest opportunity of your business lifetime if you take advantage of it. Thank you for visiting and please take a moment to share this post with a friends and to add me to your google plus.
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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Ebay Suspended, Looking Forward

Ebay Suspended, Looking Forward

There are any number of reasons that ebay can and will come up to suspend your account. Through no fault of your own you can get suspended for life.

If you find yourself ebay suspended oe your ebay sellers acount has been restricted and you are looking to get back on board I would suggest that you think this over.

Do you really want to go crawling back?

Can you create and run a health business with the threat of suspension hanging over your head? Trust me if you have been suspended once you are much more likely to be suspended again and again. The hoops that they make you jump threw are largely to insure that they can positively identify you so that when you are suspended again that you will not be able to use that or similar information to get another account.


 I also recommend that you look at your other options. I have tested them out and earn more without ebay than I did with them. Sure it took a while to build my level of sales back up again, but I would never go back to ebay. There is just something to be said for freedom and certainty. You signed up with ebay because you wanted to run your own business. You found out quickly that you were still an employee and now you have been given a chance to start over the right way. Take that chance and embrace this opprotunity to have the online business that you were promised when you signed up with ebay.

Below is a video for one such alternative that is becoming more and more popular.


    eBid. Online Auctions with no listing fees. 

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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Your Ebay Recovery Plans

Your Ebay Recovery Plans

I can give you a map on how to continued working and selling online. Their are hundreds of former sellers with different ideas of what you should do next, but in the back of your mind you must already have your own idea.

If it is to stealth your way back onto Ebay or to plead your way back into their good graces then I am not the one to aid you in that quest. I have been there and done that. Even when it does work it feels kind of degrading.

We are business people and we are forced by a company that we generate income for to ask permission to do just that?

Recovery is just that. You are trying to recovery from something that happened to you. Who recovers from a bad relationship by changing their name and face and getting involved with the same person again. Sooner or later the result will be the same.

We are here to talk about business. You are not a business person until you are in control of your business. How the business runs and how fast it grows. As long as you work at Ebay or even Amazon you are limited in that quest. You will always work for them instead of being in a relationship where you are at least equal partners.

What I am going to suggest again is that you take your online business on the road. You post your items for sale at other sites that would love to have you as a partner. You learn from these experiences and build your own website as a home base for all the things that you wish to market. The luckiest sellers to have been suspended by ebay or restricted by ebay were those sellers who had their own websites to fall back on. Those websites kept the cash flowing while they figured out the next moves. The next moves usually involved setting up shop at other sites and using their existing connections.

What are existing connections? Access to names and email addresses that we already have. That is going to be a future post. To conclude this post I would like to suggest that you go out and look at the new online marketplaces that are competing with ebay. Ebid is one such site. There is a banner link below for you.

eBid. Online Auctions with no listing fees.

If you want a walk through list of the best sites along with the basic information that you need to set up shop at many of these sites I have written a little book that you can find at iTunes, Barnes and Noble and Amazon for the low price of 1.99. The price is so low because I needed this kind of advice when I first left Ebay behind and every dollar was dear to me. The title of the book is Powerselling After Ebay.

Good luck with your online business and please take a moment to share this post with a friend.
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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ebay Suspension, Bouncing Back

Ebay Suspension, Bouncing Back

-“The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom.” - George S. Patton Jr.

Perhaps you are coming to grips with returning to Ebay may not happen. Perhaps you do not want to return after the way they have treated you. The suspension came down with out a real explanation of why. After weeks ebay still refused to tell you why you ebay account was suspended or how to get back your account back to good standing.

If you are ready to move on and to try a different way of doing business let’s talk.

 -“Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do. ”  - John R. Wooden

It is time to look at what you can do to get back into business and then do it better than ever before.
The first thing that you need to do is to find a new base to operate from. Ebay was where you set up shop. Now you need to find a new home for your online business. I would suggest baby steps. First you will want to register at other sites and to put your items up for sale there. I have written a ebook that list most of the best sites and how to used them click the image of it below to get find it. You can also find my book at iTunes,Barnes and Noble and Amazon.


Next you could set up your own website. A website of your own can become a base of operations. You can market your items direct to the customer. You are free of all fees except for hosting which can be less than five dollars a month. Building your own website is something that you should look into even if you are an active seller on Ebay. You can always direct customers from there to your site. Many of the mega sellers on Ebay have their own websites. Having their own website has helped many sellers to survive an ebay suspension, never missing a beat while they worked to have their ebay suspension lifted.

You should also look into affiliate marketing and drop shipping.

When I first started at Ebay I knew nothing about affiliate marketing and had only heard about dropshipping. Since leaving Ebay behind I earn a great deal from affiliates. All you need is a page to market from. You could use a hosted site that you own or a free blog or even your facebook page to post affiliate ads and start earning money. The best thing about affiliate advertising is that they are free to set up. Site like linkshare will sign you up and get you started.

Next there is drop shipping and digital items. The number one site for digital resale items is Clickbank. Also free to sign up with. Also if you have an ebook that you wish to sell you can post it there once you have paid a membership fee and you will have others marketing your items for you. Many people have made thousands of dollars a month from clickbank.

Drop shipping is a bit harder to make work. There are so many companies that claim to be drop shipper, but many of them are actually retailers who are selling to you at full price and suggesting a mark up price that it will be hard if not impossible for you to get from your customers. Be careful when selecting a drop shipping company for your online store. I am offering up one world class option below. They are well respected and will give you a chance to make a solid profit.
14 Day Free Trial from Doba
Just because you have suffered an ebay suspension does not mean that you must sit on your hands or crawl on your knees. You can bounce back from this. You can run a successful online business without them.
You can and will be a success at what ever business you chose. Now is the time to take the steps that will make this happen.

Good luck with your online store. Good luck with overcoming this ebay suspension. Please take a moment to share this post and stumble us on stumble upon.
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

The Ebay Alternative World

The Ebay Alternative World

You are probably here at this site because you have been suspended by Ebay or have suffered through a Ebay suspension. The most realistic approach to this situation is to move on with your online life. Leave the Ebay suspension in the rear view mirror and open up shop else where. It will be difficult, but all things are difficult at first. The fear of the unknown is the thing that makes it most difficult.

I remember the first time I suffer through an ebay suspension, while I was working to get my account back up and running I looked around for other places to set up shop and earn a living. It was not the easiest experience, I had to go through trial and error over many weeks. Even after getting reinstated at Ebay I continued to search for Ebay alternatives. I never stopped investigating all of the possibilities. So when another Ebay suspension came along (they are never one and done) I was ready to walk away. Yeah, sure I missed the traffic a bit and the auction style of the site. In the non ebay world of the online merchant you have to work a little harder for the next sale, but sales do come and business does grow over time.

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There is also the profit per sale value of selling at other sites than Ebay. Those massive fees that ebay charges can really cut into your profits. Between Ebay and its personal bank Paypal you are giving up ten percent or more of every single sale. As a power seller I would look at my monthly fees and they were hundreds of dollars between the twon companies. While at some of the online marketplaces that I would at now my fees are barely noticeable. There is also the cool fact that you get to accept check and money orders at the other sites. Along with Amazon and Google Checkout payments.

The world of Ebay Alternatives is big and getting bigger each month with the first and always the best choice being your own website. That is another post for another day. Just take a few moment to investigate the other marketplaces where you can work. I have listed many of them at this site and even written a book that gives you step by step ways to find these sites and to set up your accounts and to start making money there.
There will come a day when you look at being suspended by Ebay as the best and not the worst thing that has ever happened to you and your business.

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